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Proudly Serving for the past 30+ years

Our Company

Labels Plus

Labels Plus was founded at a time when the only way to sell our product was to walk in and introduce our company to potential customers. We did not forget that we were not personally invited into your place of business. For this reason, we understood that a smile, courtesy, and professionalism were the necessary qualities to build a business relationship based on trust.

Fast forward to current days … now, with the Internet and our website, we are able to introduce our company and products to you before even speaking with you. But, don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten the qualities required for good business relationships. Our online approach is still old-fashioned – friendly, courteous and professional.

We still see ourselves as standing face to face with you. We still have the mindset that we’re in your place of business trying our best to offer you labelling guns and labels at fair and reasonable prices.

31 Years of Experience

Labels Plus

Our vast experience is an important asset. Second only to our customers. We pride ourselves on always being here for you. It is our promise to you to be here to assist you with any issues you may have to the best of our ability.

When you choose Labels Plus, you deal directly with us and we stand behind the products we sell. As one of the largest and most established price gun and label distributors in Canada, we have the buying power to offer competitive pricing to our large and small customers. From a large multi-national corporation requiring label guns to item code inventory, to a restaurant looking to date perishables, or a retail shop of any size that uses handheld labellers, we have the solutions to neet your needs with the service that you expect and deserve.

Genuine Labels

At Labels Plus we only sell stock labels produced by Contact and LMI.

Label Gun Service and Warranty

We offer service for each label gun we sell. Each gun can be unique and we are happy to discuss the model with you. Our Standard Warranty is 5 years both on parts and labour. Please note: If the product has been misused in any way the warranty is null and void.

You’ll Get The Best Tool For Your Specific Application

We truly enjoy speaking with our customers to ensure you receive the best labelling tool for your application. With just a few questions, we can make some recommendations and can explain exactly how the gun will work. Our extensive knowledge and an array of options allow us to provide tools that offer the best-suited print type characters you’re looking for.

Labels Plus

Selling The World’s Best Labelling System

For more than 25 years now, contact has been one of the world’s leading producers of labelling systems. Numerous patents, innovative solutions and a superlative level of quality are underpinned by comprehensive corporate expertise and have combined to establish Contact as one of the most successful brands on the
international market.

Leading-edge Technologies

State-of-the-art machinery and continual investment in leading-edge technologies guarantee maximized efficacy for your products. As an experienced partner in the retailing and industrial sectors, we develop customised solutions for individual applications, responsively tailored to our customers’ needs.


Perfect craftsmanship and stringent quality control combine to make Contact equipment and labels into a unique branded product.

Our Team

Our team will always be pleased to help you. Contact’s corporate dependability in planning, production and service support is your guarantee for a long-lasting relationship.

International Partners

You will find our products all over the world, thanks not least to our international sales partners in many countries. Close cooperation with our associates abroad assures flexible complete-system solutions responsively customised to local needs.